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This site is designed to assist students studying maths at Key Stage 3, GCSE or at A level. The site also contains teaching resources for mathematics teachers.

The student content consists of a large (and growing) number of mathematics revision documents - revision notes and past examination questions.  The content in each section is as follows:

  • Key Stage 3:  This section contains some web pages devoted to particular key topics that are met in maths in Years 7, 8 and 9 (such as algebra, equations, percentages, fractions, area, probability and averages).  There is also a page dedicated to SATs, giving advice on preparing for your SATs examinations as well as links to sites useful for SATs revision.

  • GCSE:  This section contains revision notes on key GCSE maths topics.  The revision notes are divided into grade B/ C/ D topics and grade A/ A* topics.  Each set of notes contains key facts, examples, worked examination questons and further examination questions for practice.

  • A level:  The A level section contains revision notes for Core Maths, Statistics and Further Mathematics modules.  There are also solutions to selected past OCR examination papers.

The teachers' areas of this site contain lesson ideas, teaching material, mathematics assessment material etc. 

The site also contains resources in all curriculum areas for Primary school teachers

The website is still being developed and we are continuously adding more material. We would welcome comments and feedback - email us at school@schoolworkout.co.uk. 

Site created by Alastair Duncombe


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Our A level page contains lots of free resources to help students of A level maths.  Resources cover the following A level modules:  C1, C2, C3, C4, S1, S2, D1, FP1 and FP3.  There are also free answers to past OCR A level papers.
If you are taking your GCSE Maths examinations this summer, take a look at our free revision material.
We offer Maths tuition to people living in the Maidstone area of Kent.   Please contact us for more information.  Our contact email is: school@schoolworkout.co.uk

Maths tutors in other areas can be found from the excellent tutorhunt website.  


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